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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Need answers to some common questions? Below you’ll find our comprehensive Q&A. This should help you quickly and easily get the information you need.

Q. What payment options are offered for graduate programs?

  • Students who qualify can apply for financial aid. Other forms of payment include out-of-pocket, or personal loans.  

Q. If I am an Edgewood College alum, do I still need to request my transcripts?

  • You do not need to request transcripts if you are an Edgewood College graduate. We keep all alumni transcript records in our database. 

Q. What are the next steps after being admitted? 

  • After getting admitted, Edgewood College will send you an email which will include a Welcome Packet outlining next steps. Additionally, you will receive an email introducing your advisor. You will schedule a time to meet with your advisor who will then inform you on orientation, class registration, and your degree plan.

Q. Can I apply for Edgewood College scholarships? 

  • Though we do not offer direct scholarships for graduate students, we highly advise you to browse national scholarship databases. 

Q. Are textbooks 100% online? 

  • Instructors will provide students with a full list of required textbooks for each course. Many, but not all, textbooks have a digital version available. In the case where a digital option is not available, students can purchase the required textbook from our bookstore.

Q. What will my interactions with classmates and instructors (i.e., “classroom experience”) look like in an online class?

  • Our instructors know the importance of networking and community building in a graduate program. Throughout the curriculum, you can expect small group discussions and group projects. Our instructors also realize that graduate students have very busy lives and are oftentimes juggling multiple priorities at once. With this in mind, most of the work in our graduate programs is done independently. The ratio of independent to group work will vary course by course.

Q. What technology equipment do I need?

  • You will need access to the internet and a computer. As a student, you will have access to Blackboard where you can find your assignments, class documents, discussions, and more.

 Q. Can I pursue multiple master’s degrees at a time?

  • No, students can only be enrolled in one program at a time. Dual bridge degrees such as our MBA + DBA take on a sequential format therefore are not classified as two degrees happening at once.

Q. As an online student, can I participate in Edgewood College events and happenings – whether this be virtual or in-person? 

  • Yes, as an online student at Edgewood College, you have the same resources, opportunities, and events that a student attending in person would have.

Q. Can I attend graduation on campus?

  • Yes! We welcome it! 

Q. How do I know if I’m ready to learn online? 

  • If you can answer “yes” to the questions below, online learning at Edgewood College will likely be a good fit for you.
    • Are you self-motivated?
    • Do you possess strong time management and organizational skills?
    • Do you enjoy communicating and collaborating with others at a distance?
    • Do you have regular access to an internet-connected computer or mobile device, preferably with a Webcam?
    • Are you comfortable with basic technologies such as email, web search engines, and word processing software such as Microsoft Word?
    • Do you need to be able to access your course from many locations, all without traveling to campus?

Q. How will the international educational experience differ from the U.S. experience?

  •  Your experience as an online international student is designed to look the same as students in the U.S.