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100% Online Coursework

Courses are accessible anywhere you have an internet connection, 24/7. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to balance your life, including work, school and family.

Affordable Tuition

We take pride in offering the best selection of competitively priced online degree programs with pay-by-the-course options.

Student-Centered Environment

Our online programs are designed with the working professional in mind. We want students to be successful and we strive to make you the center of everything we do!

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Offering a wide selection of higher education programs.

Dedicated to empowering individuals through education, we offer life-changing learning experiences across in-person and online programs. We hone in on areas of study that cater to professional and personal growth as well as positive impact in the community and beyond.

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The Edgewood College Difference

Experience a transformative journey with us, where excellence in teaching and learning takes center stage. Discover a unique environment that nurtures intellect, spirit, imagination, and heart, while celebrating the vibrant tapestry of cultures and perspectives.

Engage in open and caring interactions, fueled by a passion for service, and become part of an educational community that values truth, compassion, justice, and partnership. Join us in shaping a brighter future together.


Rooted in service

Committed to uplifting individuals and communities through the power of education

Modernized learning approach

Modernized learning approach

Transforming our teaching models to meet every learner where they are

Higher Learning Commission

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

Advancing the common good through quality assurance of higher education

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International Students
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About Us

Edgewood College strives to create an environment where diversity is valued, and where all individuals feel welcomed, respected, and supported. We believe that education should empower students to lead purposeful lives, make a positive impact on their communities, and contribute to creating a more just and sustainable world. 

Our students, alumni, faculty, and staff are encouraged to engage in meaningful dialogue, critical thinking, and transformative experiences that promote personal growth and social responsibility. Together, we strive to build a community that fosters collaboration, compassion, and the pursuit of knowledge for the greater good.

Online International Students

Edgewood College attracts students from all over the world who are seeking a transformative education experience. Our college offers a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates diversity and fosters cross-cultural understanding. Students choose Edgewood College for its reputation as a place where they can receive a quality education while being supported by a close-knit community. 

Furthermore, Edgewood College, in partnership with global education technology partner, upGrad, provide resources and support services specifically tailored to international students, ensuring a smooth and successful transition into student life. Whether coming from nearby or across the globe, students find Edgewood College to be a vibrant and inclusive institution that nurtures their intellectual, personal, and global growth.

Online Experience

At Edgewood College, we believe in utilizing modern, online tools to bring higher education directly to our students, with no travel required. Our innovative online learning platform allows individuals from all corners of the world to access our high-quality educational programs and pursue their academic goals from the comfort of their own homes or any location with internet connectivity. 

Through interactive virtual classrooms, engaging multimedia resources, and collaborative online tools, we create an immersive and inclusive learning environment. Students can participate in live discussions, complete coursework at their own pace, and connect with faculty and peers from diverse backgrounds. 

Flexible Payment Options

Our flexible payment options ensure our students can access and afford the education they deserve. We provide various payment plans that allow students to spread out the cost of tuition over time, reducing the financial burden. Additionally, we offer financial aid to eligible students, helping to further alleviate the cost of education. 

Our goal is to make higher education accessible to all, and our flexible payment options enable students to pursue their educational goals without financial constraints. At Edgewood College, we believe that finances should not hinder individuals from achieving their dreams, and we are dedicated to supporting our students in their academic journey through flexible payment options.

Business programs

Harness the power of business to pursue ambitious missions and goals. Use your skills to progress values and purposes you believe in.

Education programs

Champion the success of students through advanced pedagogy techniques and modern instructional standards.

Social Services programs

Dedicate your career to the service of others. Make lasting, positive impacts among individuals and communities.

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