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About Edgewood College

Sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, Edgewood College is a community of learners that affirms both its Catholic heritage and its respect for other religious traditions. The liberal arts are the foundation of all our curricular offerings in the humanities, arts, sciences, and professional programs. Committed to excellence in teaching and learning, we seek to develop intellect, spirit, imagination, and heart.

We embrace and aspire to reflect the rich diversity of the world’s cultures and perspectives. We foster open, caring, thoughtful engagement with one another and an enduring commitment to service, all in an educational community that seeks truth, compassion, justice, and partnership.


Edgewood College, rooted in the Dominican tradition, engages students within a community of learners committed to building a just and compassionate world. The College educates students for meaningful personal and professional lives of ethical leadership, service, and a lifelong search for truth.


Edgewood College will be an inclusive model of learning, teaching, and scholarship. Our students, alumni, faculty, and staff will be recognized for their pursuit of purposeful lives, vibrant and sustainable communities, and a just world.

Edgewood College sign
Front of Edgewood College campus building, DeRicci Hall


Compassion plays a crucial role in both the learning process and our professional work, fostering understanding, empathy, and a positive impact on others.

Edgewood College students gathered in the Queer Student Center on campus


Creating and fostering a sense of community is essential in making a positive difference in the world and helping others through our education and career impact.

Winter trees in front of Edgewood College’s Predolin Humanities Center


Seeking truth in our studies not only enriches our own understanding but also empowers us to share knowledge and make a positive difference in the world.

Edgewood College students painting the campus’ Values mural.


We encourage a rigorous education to equip our students with skills and knowledge that empower them to foster a more just and caring world.

Two Edgewood College staff high-fiving one another.


Partnership between students, faculty, staff, and alumni creates mutually rewarding environments that allow everyone to learn from each other, grow together, and have a lasting impact.